Ali Baba Slots Storyline

Join Ali Baba on his quest for the Jewels of Ultimate Luckiness.

Our story begins when our hero, Ali Baba, is sent to the forest by Papa Baba to cut some firewood.

Never one to mind his own business, Ali Baba hears the secret password when eavesdropping on the dreaded 32 thieves. (+50 Tokens)

“Open Sunflower” Ali Baba was almost positive it was some kind of seed…

Ali Baba says, “Open Sesame!” and the cave door opens. (+100 Tokens)

Ali Baba Slots - JewelInside of the cave, Ali Baba found the Rabbit’s Foot Ruby and an ancient map!

The legendary map marks the location of the Jewel of Ultimate Luckiness!

Figuring he can get back in time for supper, Ali Baba sets sail to find the Jewels. (+75 Tokens)

Ali Baba’s ship is rocked by rough seas!

With all these rough seas, Ali Baba is feeling a little queazy.

Ali Baba Slots - JewelHaving finally arrived at the first mark on the map, Ali Baba dives into the water and the finds the Pearl of Prosperity!

Encouraged by his loot of sick of the water, Ali Baba changes course.

Ali Baba is excited to head for land, but unfortunately, his boat has other plans!

Ali Baba reaches the shores of the Arabian desert. (+75 Tokens)

Stuck, Ali Baba tries rubbing the Jewels and wishing for a way to cross the desert.

Just like that, a camel appears! “Now that’s what I call service!” (+50 Tokens)
(Alternate result) Unfortunately, nothing happens. “Shoulda brought a lamp”, says Ali as he starts walking.

After hours of travel, Ali Baba arrives at the oasis marked on the map. (+100 Tokens)

Ali Baba Slots - JewelInside of a palm’s coconut, Ali Baba finds the Sapphire of Serendipity!

Heartened by his successes so far, Ali Baba sets out for the Casbah.

Ali Baba is caught in a sudden sandstorm!

Tired and thirsty, Ali Baba finally arrives at the Casbah. (+100 Tokens)

Ali Baba Slots - JewelAfter hours of searching within the walls of the Casbah, Ali Baba discovers the Emerald of Chance!

Hearing decidedly soldierly footsteps, Ali Baba stashes the Jewels back in the wall.

Sure enough, the Sultan’s soldiers appear and arrest Ali Baba.

“But I need to get home and finish the firewood!” The guards don’t listen, and Ali Baba is taken to the Casbah dungeon.

Always the smooth-talker, Ali Baba convinces the soldiers to bring him to the Sultan. (+100 Tokens)

Ali Baba shows the Sultan and Princess the map, and tells a somewhat embellished tale of his adventures.

The Princess convinces her father to release Ali Baba, so he can bring her the jewels. (+150 Tokens)

Outside in the medina, Ali Baba meets a fortune teller who gives him a riddle.

“What’s green and prickly and wears a tie?” (+50 Tokens)

Stumped and frustrated by the bizarre question, Ali Baba sets out for the mountains.

Halfway up the mountain, Ali Baba slips and lands in a cactus! “That’s the answer,” he shouts! (+75 Tokens)

Near the summit, Ali Baba sees the Roc’s nest. There’s something sparkling inside!

Ali Baba Slots - JewelAli Baba carefully snatches the Kismet Jade just before the Roc rolls in!

Jade in hand and the answer to the riddle in his mind, Ali Baba rushes back to the medina.

“I got it!” exclaims Ali Baba to the fortune teller. “It’s Spike the cactus!” (+150 Tokens)

Ali Baba Slots - JewelAs a reward, the fortune teller gives Ali Baba the Topaz Horseshoe!

Ali Baba returns to the Casbah, eager to show his booty to the Sultan and the Princess.

“Behold!”, said Ali Baba, “The Jewels of Ultimate Luckiness!”

Ali Baba Slots - JewelThe Sultan is so impressed, he gives Ali Baba the final Jewel: The Engagement Diamond! (+500 Tokens)

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