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March 19, 2010 · 110 comments

Pogo Mini Snapshot: Spring Has Sprung!Happy Weekend Everyone!

March Mayhem indeed — I hope you all have had a chance to pick up some great stuff using the coupon codes Pogo has been giving away this week! Even I found a few things to snag while they were cheap!

MomsBassetHound suggested we talk about minis this week. Tell us all about yours: Do you collect the mini items Pogo releases? Do you change your mini often? Do you spend lots of tokens and gems on your mini? Do you participate in the Amazing Minis events? Are your minis serious or funny? Do you dress them for the holidays?

As usual, use the comments here to answer the weekly topic or just talk about Pogo in general. It’s a perfect place for questions and comments that just didn’t fit in on another post this week.

See you in the comments!

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1 alchurch8 March 16, 2010 at 1:33 am

I need help with the card game Euchre can someone give me tips on playing the game. I need that and a hearts challenage badge to finish 2009. This is a great website Laura a friend told me about it.

2 Kevin March 16, 2010 at 6:16 pm

I didn’t get pick for the beta testing. I am very disappointed.

3 nannearing March 17, 2010 at 12:11 am

I would like to see more personal challenges. A lot of pogo members feel the same as we can go back on past albums and catch up. This is a wonderful site but we need more personal challenges. Thank you.

4 Rick March 17, 2010 at 12:34 pm

Is anyone else having trouble inviting yourself into a full game room? I’ve tried every which way and it still says room is full.

5 laura March 19, 2010 at 1:39 pm

thanks for all the help in bowling, i have a qustion i cant get in to my account any1 know why ,it says my password wrong how can this be pogo said to download firefox i did and im still having the promblem it let me buy the gems now i cant get in any1 help
,i know this is not our issue here but i need help ty

6 gjb1443 March 19, 2010 at 1:49 pm

laura #5

When you go to sign in on the right is “Forgot Password or Screen Name” click on it enter your screen name and click on “Send Me My Password” they will send it to your email address on file with Pogo.

Hope that helps

7 don March 19, 2010 at 2:20 pm

Now that bowling is pretty much behind us for now, I have always wondered
why our stats on this game do not include the most basic thing to any bowler……BOWLING AVERAGE. It doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult to produce. I know there a lot of times when u enter a game already started.
In that case, they could disregard the score for that game and just use complete games in the calculation. Any thoughts ?

8 ekl317 March 19, 2010 at 2:27 pm

I buy many mini items. My mini has a fuller closet than I do…lol. I don’t use gems very often for the mini.
I have attended mini shows, they are boisterous and fun, a bit overwhelming at times. I even won twice, both of them being funny minis. I do constantly change my mini to match my mood, the season, important news, or for a child using my account to play.

9 Chelle March 19, 2010 at 2:29 pm

I don’t usually buy PBAs, but when I heard about the half off sale, I decided to go for it. I have a couple free years of Club Pogo after various promotions so I figured since Pogo won’t get my money that way, I might as well make a PBA purchase. I ended up spending $20 to get 350 gems and spent them all on half-off PBAs, which landed me with a total of EIGHT albums and 6 gems leftover lol. I was/am so excited I can hardly contain myself, which I know is completely ridiculous but I never buy anything so I think I’m allowed the excitement.

I don’t really collect mini items and I don’t use gems to buy any of them, but if I find something I like I’ll spend the tokens. I have one item that was bought with gems because I don’t remember how but I ended up with just 8 gems and I couldn’t do anything with them but buy a mini item. Now that I have 6 left from my PBA spree, I’m going to hope for winning a few gems in a jackpot spin so I can get a gem item I’ve been wishing for. I refuse to buy gems for the sole purpose of purchasing crap for my mini, but if I have some left over and not enough for a badge…why not? I change my mini to match a theme for each season, so I definitely don’t change it often (though I do usually dress it up for Halloween and Christmas). I guess it always ends up on the silly side because I don’t take it seriously and I don’t care a whole lot about it (I like to put her in stupid costumes and make her look sad about the whole thing). The only thing I try to be mindful of is that I don’t have too much clutter. I’m not a huge fan of minis with a million things going on. Just the mini and background with one little goody is as far as I’ll go.

Well, I guess that’s it. Hope everyone has a good weekend, I know I will! :D

10 kiki March 19, 2010 at 2:48 pm

I turned out to be more of a Mini-head than I thought I’d be at the beginning, and have also found myself using Gems for items I really like. I usually get all the token Limited items – one never knows when one will need a baked potato costume or a garbage bag – but only things I really like from the Gems. I don’t get caught up in the whole too-many-Gem-too-few-token debate; just like the local Real Life boutiques, there will always be the tilt towards one thing or another. I get what I like and if there’s nothing this time, there will be some other time.

I use my Mini to convey messages – let my sister know, for example, when I’m too bogged down with work to play Battleship. And the men in my family will change the Mini to a male one when they’re playing so my “regulars” don’t harass them endlessly, lol. I might also use my Mini to announce to all and sundry when I’ve finished the ranks in a particular game.

I participate in the Amazing Minis sporadically (I usually forget when they are), but have won a handful of time, always with a “punny” mini. I’ve saved those in my Snapshots. To be honest, I find the Amazing Mini rooms to be very chaotic and I don’t enjoy them.

11 LisaM March 19, 2010 at 2:52 pm

I loved the sale this week , I spent to much lol Between the Backround sale and the Badge Albums. I usually don’t buy much but I couldn’t resist the sale. I loved the challenges this week Pogo Bowl is my favorite game.

12 Pat March 19, 2010 at 3:35 pm

I have a whole variety of pogo mini items. I have seasonal, holiday, different locations outdoors, diff rooms within a home, lots of goodies, etc. I have no problem with those that require tokens. I get both serious and whimsical items. I do buy them with gems, but, I really have to like them a lot. Usually I view them, think about it, come back the next day and see if I still like it, then buy it. Of the ones with gems, I buy the motion ones like a pet that moves, or a child that jumps, or lights that flash, or bats or birds that fly…

Currently, I bought with tokens, last nite, the mad hatter tea garden, the Red Queen, and couldnt resist, my grandson avatar jumping and clapping. He looks great in the garden.

Well, off to qwerty. After many years, I have 113,000/114,000 tiles placed. Hope to get the last 1,000 placed tonight or tomorrow and finally be ranked out (for the 2nd time). Wish ya all a great weekend.

13 debbie March 19, 2010 at 3:38 pm

i an a mini addict i use both tokens and gems to buy things from the mall. I usually change my mini daily and dress her according to the weather and also for the holidays i send about $20 a month on gems and i buy all the pba its like playing paper ols from my younger days. this is a great site much better than another Pogo fan site.

14 sweetlove March 19, 2010 at 3:39 pm

hi everyone! I’ve been gone for awhile haven’t had internet access for awhile.I miss everyone!
as for the topic I buy the mini’s i can get with tokens lol.can’t afford gems now.missed out on expired mix n matches so bummed i love getting badges but its not the end of the world lol.
I really don’t participate in the show off your mini thing.
hope everyone has a nice weekend.

15 MomsBassetHound March 19, 2010 at 3:55 pm

Since this is my question I guess I should give my answer :)

If someone had told me 6 years ago that I would have such fun buying items and dressing my mini I would have said they were nuts…LOL

I collect all the game aware mini items. I will even play a game I don’t like until I get them all. I’ve spent about 1.5 million tokens on items for my mini. I have about a dozen items that I’ve purchased with gems, but it has to be something very special.

I change my mini often, and always for special occasions and holidays.
Most of my minis are cute/funny, not serious very often.

The only mini event I participated in was the Halloween one, but never again. The “regulars” were room jumping and kissing up to the staff who were judging, not my cup of tea. There were a lot of better minis in the room I was in than the ones that were picked…and I’m not talking about mine.

Usually I will only use 1 mini for a specific holiday, but change daily for Halloween and Christmas :) There are just too many cute holiday items for just one little ole mini….LOL

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


16 Rick March 19, 2010 at 4:28 pm

I just have a question about PBAs. I want to make sure I have it right, in case they offer another promo.

If I were to buy an album, I can start it at any time, even a year later?

Once I start the album, do I have a certain amount of time to finish it?

Can you buy a bunch and then just have them available to you at anytime?

I know you can only play one personal at a time, but once you start one album, do you have to finish that album before you start another?

Thanks ya’ll.

17 Evil Queen March 19, 2010 at 4:35 pm

Thanks for posting all the codes and giving a heads up here on the discounts this week. I did use the one for the PBA. I ended up with 3 new ones to do here and there.
As for minis, I have a ton of things in my “closet”. I do change them with season/holidays and have some silly like ones. Right now I have the Queen of Hearts with the mean face and her famous saying. I was happy to see some Alice minis being the Disney Geek that I am. LOL I have another I use from time to time where she is dressed almost Cinderella like with the Pogo theme park background and a sad face that says “Oh no,this isn’t Disneyland!!” I use that when I’m in a Disneyland frame of mind and haven’t gone for a bit. I love the fairy ones and mermaid ones as well. I only buy what I like and I will use gems on certain ones from time to time. It has to be something I really like though. Besides like Chelle (#9) I have a couple free years of Pogo from Coke Rewards so might as well contribute some way. LOL

18 kathe. March 19, 2010 at 4:36 pm

In the “real” world I HATE shopping, but the Pogo mini-mall is a must for me! I even ask my hubby and kids to help me shop and dress my mini. They think I’m crazy, but they love me enough to humor me… haha! I dress my mini for holidays, seasons, personal events, etc.

I have used gems, but it’s usually if there is a background I really like. I also used gems to buy my Whimsical West Highland Terrier. She appears with my mini about 99% of the time. I just wish that we had an option for left or right placement of goodie items. There have been some cute goodies, but I just can’t cut my Westie out of the picture.

When I first started shopping at the mini-mall, I was too cheap to use many tokens. I don’t know why… now I buy stuff even if I don’t think I need it. The joy of not having to worry about prices… haha! When I applied as a Pogo tester, my comments about improving Pogo were mostly related to the mini-mall. I told them it would be really awesome if women were able to buy some of the items from the men’s store.

#15 Moms – I will also go for all the game award items, and I’ve never used one… go figure.

19 ellen520 March 19, 2010 at 4:39 pm

Hello to all from Colorado…where it was 72 degrees yesterday and today it is snowing…welcome Spring!

I purchase items for mini-me for tokens only, won’t spend gems on her (I save those for sale badges/albums, so this was a fun week with all the discounted items). I have most of the free mini items from games, but don’t use them very often. I change my mini about once a month and have never participated in the mini contests…too busy trying to rank up in games I enjoy.

Wishing everyone a great weekend and thanks to Lura, as always, for the best site around!

20 Kat F. March 19, 2010 at 4:42 pm


I have jokingly dubbed myself THE Tokie Queen at Pogo and now have to say, also the Mini Mall Queen as well, LOL I spend ALOT of time there spending, spending, spending. I will buy ANYTHING~~as long as I like it enough to turn loose of my hard earned tokies. :) Not quick to use my gems though, I hoard them for special things…like sales or themed goodies, costumes, etc…or the M & M badges. DO wish there were more of those Sales in both places! sigh! Don’t you?

We’ve been given some good opportunities this past week though I have to say that—WTG Pogo. It’s just a shame I already had what was on Sale, waaaahhhh! But I’m still waiting to catch some sort of deal, lol

My mini does alot of different things, she’s really busy. Most of the time, she’s just silly, lol But always dressed for the Holidays. With the goodies, backgrounds and clothes available, I go for it!

For Chelle #9~~ YAYYYY!!! Good for you! Enjoy them all! :) I have all the Badge Albums now and all but one is complete. You will enjoy them. Come back here if you need hints or tips on how to get any of the badges. K?

Pat #12~~ Hope you get your last tiles put up in Qwerty :) I just LOVE that game too. I wish you lots of luck on finishing for the second time! WTG!

And MomsBassetHound #15~~ I SO agree with you on the Mini Events! Hate them!! My Mini wouldn’t be caught dead posing for one of those, lol She’s much too proud to strut her stuff…besides, she doesn’t strut, ur, much, haha But to each his/her own thing, just not my Mini’s idea of fun….(giggling, would that be his/her own “mini-strutting” thing?)

Take care everyone, be safe always. Enjoy the wonderful weather this weekend, at least I’M having wonderful weather for a change! LOVING IT! And it’s about time too. :)

(((Hugs to ALL)))

Kat F.

P.S. My Mini says “HALLLOOOOO”!!! hahahahaha

21 MomsBassetHound March 19, 2010 at 4:44 pm

For Rick #16 – You can start or finish an album whenever you want, 10 years from now if that’s when you want to do it. You can do the badges in the albums whenever you want, as many times as you want.

You can do badges from different albums at the same time, as long as they are for different games. You do not have to finish an album before working on another.


22 MagicFanUK March 19, 2010 at 6:13 pm

Hi all & happy weekend
alchurch #1 I love card games & can play them all, even to lose & let you get your badge!!!! add me as above & look me up if you want some help
ty for all the info on the special offers Lura, spent far too much but still have some gems left ready for the next one lol
I do not really do much with my mini, could not even tell you what i am wearing at the moment lol, but love to see what others have done with theirs

23 terryj12739 March 19, 2010 at 6:15 pm

I buy all of the new mini items with tokens,I dont buy any mini items with gems any more .I was spending to much each month.I buy all the pba’s,i love all of the new badges.I don’t change my mini that much,I have two I use most of the time.both have dragons in them.I do change my mini for the holiday what ever it might be . I love your site lura and all the hard work you put in to it.I love all the great people that use the site also,they help out when ever they can.How is that new baby doing.
Have a great weekend everyone.

24 Gecko March 19, 2010 at 7:12 pm

I love matching my Mini with my mood. As part of The New Economy, I don’t do gems, but I buy just about everything there is for tokens. My mother once said she always knows I’m alive even when I don’t call because my mini changes several times a week! lol

Actually, this is the perfect topic because I wanted to thank a wonderful BHer I met this week. Although Ms. Netiquette says no more sharing of sob stories, and I didn’t say this at the time, I have been very sick for a month now – sometimes not even able to get to Pogo, much less elsewhere. I’ve been in the hospital several times for testing and between that stress and being on a very restrictive diet (rice, rice, and rice!) I’ve been getting very down. Even worse this weekend I’m supposed to be celebrating my birthday… no dinner or cake for me. :(

Anyways, I went to the BH bowling room and didn’t even get a frame off before I was recognized! (I even forgot to change my badge, but there aren’t that many geckos I suppose.) Our group had a wonderful chat and the topic of Minis came up. I was asked where my gecko was and admitted that I was a gecko without the mini mall gecko. (Those darn gems.) Well, I’ll let her decide if she wants to brag, but a wonderful BHer sent me a gecko while we chatted! I cannot possibly express how grateful and overwhelmed I am at her generosity. At the time she didn’t know about my b-day or my health, but gave so freely. That kindness has really made my week. It may be a little thing for some, but it was a ray of sunshine, or heat lamp, for me. I’m sure this will lead to a lot more minis for me – gecko at the easter buffet? You bet!

25 Debbie March 19, 2010 at 7:15 pm

Rick premium badge album and mix and match badges have nothing to do with personal badges. One personal badge per week(unless a marathon) but u can do as many premium album or mix and match badges as your little heart desires lol enjoy

26 NLinda March 19, 2010 at 7:22 pm

I change my Mini for holidays & seasons. Even though I have several backgrounds for most seasons, for some reason I find myself using the same ones over & over lol. I don’t usually use Gems but just had to buy some when backgrounds went on sale for 1/2 price, then I splurged more than I should have! I guess Pogo is seeing what works best to get us to open our wallets.

Have a great weekend e1!

27 mspatmac March 19, 2010 at 7:26 pm

Happy Friday! I am a mini hound. When they first came out I thought them dumb but quickly changed my mind. Like you debbie (13), I use gems or tokens to get what I want. I change her frequently and often, but not always, they represent some part of my life/interests, past and present, and sometimes it’s just what I like. A few crazy ones, but usually not. Always change for holidays and I especially enjoy all the great stuff available for Halloween.

I remember very fondly as a little girl playing hour after hour with my paper dolls, and had lots of fun playing with my daughters and their Barbies. We especially loved playing with their Cher doll and her fabulous costumes, and when I think of the money we spent on Cher, my mini clothes seem reasonable. Guess I”m not fully “growed up”. But it is fun. No mini competitions for me, I just enjoy them.

Rick 9 (#16) you can get multiple badges for the same game by doing the weekly, m&m and pba all at once. Did that in bowling the other day and it worked out great. Have fun with them.

Have a good weekend everyone—–

28 Serena March 19, 2010 at 7:43 pm

I had taken a screen shot of my mini snapshots, since I was hoping to upload them and show them to you. The problem is, they then show up more in purple in the Firefox browser – while they show up the way they should in Paint.

Well, I really like the amethyst fairy a lot – so I often have that outfit on her. I currently have mine in the Alice costume, and I wish you could customize hair colour with that. I like for my mini to be a redhead. I also always have a smiling mini. I don’t like her to be frowning or angry, and the neutral look isn’t quite as attractive. I also have the hippie costume, but that one looks a little too plastic-y.

I’m also one who hates shopping , in real life – but I love dressing up my mini. I think they should have a way for us to organize our mini items.

29 Frank March 19, 2010 at 7:44 pm

Hi Lura. Hello everybody. Hope the weekend is coming off to a good start.

Alas, I didn’t really “collect” mini items but will find myself purchasing items I think I may use in the future. For instance, last Halloween I saw a few mini backgrounds that I thought were kind of nice but didn’t feel like using them at that time. I figured I’d best pick them up before they’re stored away forever or retired.

Lately, I’ve been changing my mini a lot, mainly because I’ve been playing with Word Riot. The minis totally make a difference when you’re the clue-giver. Granted, it doesn’t change what hints you give, but gives an air of “fun” and camaraderie to the game play.

With regular Pogo games, I’ll switch ‘em up every now and then where they’re visible for champions (e.g. Lottso!, Dice City Rollers, Everyone Wins Bingo, etc.). It’s hilarious seeing the comments when I have something off-the-wall as my mini. Right now, I have an adorable penguin as a mini, which was a game award from Pictureka Museum Mayhem.

30 Mamabear March 19, 2010 at 7:50 pm

Hello everyone, hope you’re all having a great weekend~I know I am cuz the weather is beautiful we actually hit a high of 63º today but seemed a lot warmer.

#12 Pat GL on ranking out twice in Qwerty quite an accomplishment once, but twice is nice LOL

#13 debbie, I was going to say the same thing about playing with paper dolls as a child~think that’s why I love the mini mall so much.

I just bought gems for the 2nd or maybe 3rd time since I joined~limited income, but I splurged to treat a friend to a badge album and got one for myself~The 10 pack. She’s since reciprocated with a album for me too.

Now to the Mini Mall question~get idea Suz!!! This past week was only the 2nd time I’ve spent gems to buy anything. Like everyone else is saying it has to be something really special to use gems. I treated 2 friends and bought them items and I used gems for them. I try to pay things forward b/c someone did that for me when I joined so now it’s my turn.

I spend way to many tokens on my mini me but I love doing it and what else can I do with tokens other than will them to someone when I croak LOL. My mini’s range from downright silly to plain jane.

I think it was last week that I mentioned I didn’t get my 10000 tokens from the Yahoo weekly trivia. Well I went on Wednesday at the same time as week before and I got them. So all is right with the world there.

I had a ball with the challenges this week, now I’m going to start working on my albums~no rush just play them as I feel like playing.

I can hardly wait to experiment with the bowling and try to pick up that pesky split~it’s my goal to accomplish it by the end of the year LOL

Have a great weekend and those with springtime snow stay warm and send that white stuff anywhere, but east :) TYVM

Look me up in Pogo anytime, I’ll be more than happy to play a game or chat with anybody.

31 Mamabear March 19, 2010 at 7:56 pm

Oh I forgot to say that my SN at Pogo is Mamabear121151.

Gecko I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I sure hope you get to feeling better so you can eat some bday cake. I’m singing happy birthday to you can you hear me? :)

Aren’t BH’ers just the best ppl in Pogoland? God Bless that person that bought you that gecko and brought a smile to your face I’m sure.

32 KodiacCub March 19, 2010 at 8:38 pm

Happy weekend and Spring everyone!

Extra hugs to Lura! Without this site and such, I would not know of the sales this week. I just don’t pay attention to that stuff on POGO itself.

This is my last weekend of POGO overload and bought too many items (partially due to exhaustion one night) this week. New job on Monday. (Insert happy dance!) However, I am super-stingy with my tokens and usually only buy stuff on sale.

My mini usually changes by the season or if there is a holiday. There is a mini saved for my boyfriend to use, but he usually forgets to change it. Cleo, my step-doggie who just went to heaven, is in most of the minis.

The only mini item I bought with gems was the Haiti relief tshirt. (Stingy, remember?) Due to funds being tight, I was not supposed to even buy tokens. He gifted me with the membership after I had bought a month with Coke points after a free trial. BTW, I did manage to get 3 months of POGO free from Kashless Krew. I did actually post some stuff instead of freecycling it, but never got any responses. It is a great site though. I do hope it and the Recycle Bank catch on.

Still way short on the 2009 badges, if anyone wants to practice or make a date to do one of the card games (or the secret Bloop badge), find me/email me on POGO and we can make a date. S/N is KodiacCub.

I did get picked to do the BETA. Did some Clue and a bit of Risk. My biggest issues there have actually been getting on the site. Yes, I know I need to email them about it.

Enough babbling and more playing while I can.

Best regards all, KodiacCub (Michele)

33 Bill March 19, 2010 at 9:24 pm

Wait, it’s Friday already? I thought it was still Thursday for some reason.

To answer the weekly question: I have every token item available since I rejoined in late 2008, both mens’ and womens’. I don’t have, nor do I intend to get, and gem items. They could offer them for 1 gem each and I still would not buy them.

As far as the Mayhem sale goes so far, bought 3 PBAs and 4 mix and match badges. I’m hoping for a card game sale before this promotion ends; those are my favorite type of games.

Rick (#4) – There’s a certain limit (usually 5-10 over the listed capacity, depending on the game) where there is no way to get in the room, whether it is via an invite, a backdoor, a saved bookmark, or whatever. Pogo freezes everyone out at that point. You just need to wait for a few people to leave, or choose another room.

Have a great weekend everyone.

34 Pat March 19, 2010 at 9:34 pm

Gecko, I would also like to add my wishes for a great birthday and an even greater year to come. I agree, wonderful people who uplift our spirits, even if it is encouragement to complete a badge.

Well, I finished the QWERTY badge. The only reason I say that I finished it twice was that it used to have a different last rank. It was one of the first games I ranked out in because I enjoyed it so much. I was so pleased until about 3 weeks later they added many more ranks as they did in tr-peaks and others. Well, been carrying around a chip of sorts on my shoulder, The chip is gone now..for about 3 weeks (lol).
Hope not–arghhhhhhhhhh

35 Serena March 19, 2010 at 9:39 pm

Oh, yeah, what kind of face do you like to use for your minis? I like the prominent eyes (blue), since it looks so youthful.

I only used gems on my mini items purchase one, and that was before I fully understood what gems were.

36 MomsBassetHound March 19, 2010 at 9:47 pm

Happy Birthday Gecko!!!!

37 tigger March 19, 2010 at 10:59 pm

i cannot recall # post this was, but i figured i would respond..as far as buying from the mens store, u can, but it will change ur mini to a male..i do this often because i love the items for men lol

kathe. 03.19.10 at 4:36 pm

I told them it would be really awesome if women were able to buy some of the items from the men’s store.

38 Pat March 19, 2010 at 11:25 pm

Oh, i know what I wanted to share. I do my word search daily about a week at a time, unless I know I am close to completion. Last nite, I did 6 days. Normally I get low jp token spins. Last nite, i got a 500, a 1000, and a real surprise a 2000 spin. The other 3 were nomal/low.
This was the best spins I have seen in that game.
I also did phase 3 of the Yahoo (added 3/2) 10k tokens, Was a really good bonus token nite.

39 Ann March 20, 2010 at 12:58 am

i Have had trouble this week trying to get this page, I have been getting the internet explorer message saying the site wasnt available.Is it just me or has there been a problem with the site.I almost panic when I can get the page lol, I am addicted.I would appreciate hearing from you on this.

40 l3ear's Mrs. March 20, 2010 at 1:04 am

What a good idea for a topic. to MomsBassetHound for suggesting and to Lura, whom if it wasn’t for her we all wouldn’t be here.

ekl317 – #8— yup! Definitely more than my own closet for sure but the stuff in my real closet does get worn unlike my mini stuff. Congrats on your mini wins too.

Chelle – #9 — my kinda girl I just love a good sale but hate going shopping. Should keep you busy for a bit. Enjoy working on them all. Give a yell if you need a partner or help.

Like Moms # 14– I have observed two times, added the Pogo_? Screen names to my friends list to see what it was all about. And you were so right “kissing up the staff” Figured it was only me that thought that way. I’m not into popularity contests leave that to the ones that really need the attention. I think the Pogo_? people should really consider choosing new people to win. It is great that some have won once, twice, three times with in the week. But it is time to give someone else a chance too. … and not me, watching all the “oh look at mine” have you seen mine?” I’ve changed it again just in case the 1st 3 didn’t appeal to you Pogo_?.

Welcome back sweetlove—#14 . Was wondering what happened to you, glad you’re back.

Ellen, mamabear, gecko, don, jarepph and the rest of you that were in bowling this past week. What fun games they were. Was nice meeting and playing some of you for the first time.
Ellen was so nice running into you this past week, as always enjoyed our conversation.

Mamabear I was hoping that pogo would bring back that bear costume you always have on for their specials but so far they haven’t. But March isn’t over yet and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that one.

Gecko #24 I’m hoping your feel better really soon. Happy Birthday to you!! You don’t always need cake to celebrate. I’m so glad I was able to make your day. Oh and btw the frog hasn’t been back since he’s been marked again. Hope I didn’t poison him.

#13 debbie and #27 mspatmac. — yessss thats it paper dolls.. and colorforms too. Except now the stuff doesn’t get sucked up in the vacuum. Although we do get older it does not mean we have to grow up. Do you think if I go to Toys R Us they would let me buy colorforms with pogo tokens?

#34 Pat….. WTG!! Congratulations

Weekend topic now:

My pogo closet has lots of things that have movement in them. I personally like to have my mini as” busy” and full as possible mostly with dogs or other animals. I particularly like that some of the small things on the bottom now will overlap each other, thanks pogo. (I know I’m weird) so I guess maybe once a month I do try to make it season and/or holiday appropriate, but most of the same animals you will always see there.

Like others here l3ear and I collect all the game award items even playing games that don’t interest us just to get them. I don’t believe I have used any in my Mini as of yet. Might give it a thought though.

I have no idea how much I have spent token wise on my account. All I know is I do enjoy spending l3ears tokens. And that along with doing badges over and over to add to my tokens, helps me catch up to him in tokens earned. Beat l3ear in tokens, just my own personal goal in pogo. Hey, well I have to keep busy somehow.

And lastly– Congratulations to all who have left a comment already and will be leaving a comment after this post for participating and won on Amazing Mini Days.

Oh one more thing.. l3ear got picked for beta testing last week and I didn’t even know he had applied this time. But he hasn’t commented how it has been going yet to me.

Okay now lastly— Can’t forget a big hug to Lura who is awesome for supplying us with all the codes for the March Mayhem Discounts this past week. Whom if it wasn’t for her we all wouldn’t have such a pleasant site to come to for a laugh, or a tip or a kind word and to find all your needs for a Pogo day. Btw, looking good down to your pre baby size in your mini. ( this last little bit was added after I went way over my 500 word limit.

As always: Have a great day/night everyone stay safe.
Enjoy the Weekend and remember play to have fun.

twisty ~ *,* ~

41 Mia March 20, 2010 at 2:40 am

Hello all Happy Weekend!
Pogo Picked the right week to have great sales going on.. I usually only buy 30 gems here or there.. but this week I was able to spend more money and it was perfect timing!! I got 2 albums and lots of m&ms to keep me busy :)

When I first joined pogo I didn’t pay any mind to my mini.. but this past year I find myself going to the mini mall and changing my mini often.. I change it alot for the holidays and try to come up with cute and funny mini’s for everyday use.. To me my mini’s always seem plain.. I am always looking at other players mini or the amazing mini winners and wonder how they come up with such great ideas.. I have only bought 1 or 2 items with gems and try to get everything else with tokens.. In the mini mall as we speak to change up my mini again!!

Kathe #18- I wish we had the option too of having your goodies or pets on the left or right side.. This past mini release they finally got a chocolate lab without the Santa hat!! I love my lab to death and had to get him.. He will be permanently in my mini and I will miss out on some great goodies.. but hopefully soon they will let us change it..

Thank you all for the tips on bowling.. Not sure who it was but the videos that were posted helped.. I’ve been getting more strikes then I usually do.. but alot of the time I get stuck with a pin left.. thank god the badge is for spares and strikes or it would take me forever.. But I guess more practice is all it takes..

75 degrees here in GA. Hope it stays that way on Sunday and Monday on my day off!!

42 Wolfe March 20, 2010 at 3:56 am

I find myself updating my mini, each month, to remind me of the holiday and where I was as far as badge with Pogo.


43 Jeannie March 20, 2010 at 5:28 am

to Gecko #24

sings “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Geckoooooooo, Happy Birthday to you!!!” (Be grateful this is cyber singing and not the real thing – lol!)

Mini items: I use my secondary account to purchase token items and my primary one to purchase gem-related ones. However, with both of them, only buy the ones that I like and will use. Like some other folks with their favorite animals, my beloved Yorkie is in my mini 99% of the time (some of the action ones don’t let me have him in their). My fav for him is the gingerbread chase – he just runs and runs – lol.

I too wish they had a way so that we could organize our closets for the different seasons, holidays. I change my mini when I am in the mood or when I get tired of the old one. No longer participate in the mini rooms when they are judging – way too much going on.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

44 kathe. March 20, 2010 at 5:45 am

mspatmac #27 – Your description of paper dolls is perfection!

45 Jillian(Jj5653) March 20, 2010 at 6:06 am

I only change my mini for holidays and seasons. I only use my tokens to dress up my mini. Like Gecko #24, have had to economize and had to quit buying gems. However, I have a big birthday coming in April and my family always sends me money. So my birthday gift from them will be gems, gems, and more gems. I want to get some albums!

Happy Birthday, Gecko! Hope you have a blessed one and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

46 Gecko March 20, 2010 at 10:19 am

Thank you for all the good wishes! (And the singing.) I am really grateful for you guys – even if it means no more lurking on Pogo for me! Now… if I frost a rice cake and add candles, will it count? lol

Hmm… maybe we can have a BH Mini parade?

47 Lura March 20, 2010 at 10:26 am

*****Happy Birthday Gecko!!!***** :)

Rick #4: the invitation method isn’t foolproof and there are other methods, but inviting yourself is the only way that Pogo claims doesn’t violate their TOS. I’ve written in to ask several times about backdoors and the response I’ve always gotten is that it violates TOS and could screw up your computer. I’m not sure I truly believe either. Sometimes I think their CS just tells people everything violates TOS to avoid having to answer questions. :/ Anyway, I have tried to choose at least a couple rooms each week, including temporary rooms which might not be as full the first day or two. I have best luck just going to the room a few minutes before the badges are active, I post the rooms at least 30 minutes early, usually more. It’s always easiest to just visit the rooms later in the week, but if you must get in on Wednesdays early is your best bet.

sweetlove #14: welcome back! <3

Serena #28: what format did you save them in? You might try .jpg or .png if that’s an option.

Ann #39: sorry you couldn’t get here — it does sound like a problem on your end tho. If I recall correctly, this site’s only been down for more than a millisecond once in the last year and that was a regional problem beyond our control. :)

I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who spent too many gems this week! :) I had stopped purchasing M&M’s a few months back — I accidentally missed buying a limited edition one and once I realized I’d always be one short, it didn’t seem to matter from my completionist standpoint if I was missing one or one-hundred. So this week with the sales I went back and bought badges I was just interested in working on. I didn’t buy any mini items since I rarely buy any that cost gems and to be perfectly honest, I have so much stuff in my closets (and am always adding the new token items they release) I really don’t need any more to have to dig through to make a new mini each week!

Thanks to everyone who’s been asking how the baby and I are doing — we’re terrific. He’s a little over 3 months old now and every day he’s learning something new. Now that the weather is better, we’ve been taking walks with the dog almost every day. I’d been just dying to do that all winter! TGIAlmostSpring!

48 Dannie March 20, 2010 at 10:27 am

I have maxed out my snapshots and wish we had more room for our minis. I like to make up scenes to make people laugh and use both male and female minis. The one thing that bothers me about the minis is that my teenage grandson is able to show a kegger on his to celebrate Spring Break. I wish they would make the selection a bit more age appropriate.

49 Pat March 20, 2010 at 10:48 am

I love reading the comments and feel i have come to know some of you more through your posts. Several of you have added me to your friends list and allowed me to add you to mine. I truly feel this nice little community. Anyway, went to word search daily last nite to do the one day and got a 500 token spin. I am so curious, did someone ask them to increase them? And, did they do it? Those of you that have some to catch up in WSD let me know. More tokens for the mini mall, I guess..And, I confess to spending way more gems than usual this week on my 2nd account. Unfortunately, the thought that has gone through my mind was, Why not-they are 1/2 price..so more badges, more PBA.
Just like a real sale, which I tend to avoid. Hope many of you are getting better weather this week, it is so nice when the sun is up in the Seattle area, but, our winter was mild this year, and we can’t complain.
Hagd All !!!

50 maxit March 20, 2010 at 10:49 am

hI aLL… I just went to Pogo and purchased the new Mah Jongg M&M puzzle and the discount code still worked…so if you are considering it
you can still get it half price
…dont know how long this will last…

51 Pat March 20, 2010 at 11:13 am

Oh, I wanted to add one more thing. My 20-month old grandson is used to my pogo screen being up, even if i am not playing. Now, he requests it, saying Mama? Baby? I will put it up, and enlarge the size so he can see the home page with the baby clapping and jumping and he imitates this. The other day, I was playing Crossword Cove and he was in my lap. It is hard typing with an arm on either side of him and a head directly in front of me, but, I managed. Then, he yelled out Ferry Boat!! We live right on the Puget Sound and see the Ferry Boat on a daily basis. He was so excited to see this on CC. Actually, I think it is more a cabin cruiser or some yacht (?). But, instantly I was aware he was noticing something I overlook on a daily bases. using his vocabulary, and doing what he does best–giving me joy. He can sit in my lap anyday.

52 Eric March 20, 2010 at 11:15 am

I love the Mini Mall…
Whenever there’s an update and I peruse. I wish they’d release more individual clothes instead of just outfits and costumes, but they’re fun either way.

The free gems you get when you first join is how I got my first background…the movie theater. I’ll always look at that as a reward for the first time I joined Pogo.

I look forward to Fall/Winter the most when it comes to Backgrounds and Minis…It just gets me excited for the holiday season. It’s hard in the summer, because there’s always so many great backgrounds to choose from.

53 Janice March 20, 2010 at 11:28 am

When I finished ranking out in Boggle Bash, I was surprised to see that I only had about 900 Panic Flips. Since the Panic Flip badge requires 2000 flips, I started looking for a way to get them faster. The panic flip only happens at the end of Round 3 so i checked to see if it would count if I only played Round 3 and it did. You don’t even have to be in the room when Round 3 starts but you have to complete Round 3. Now I have found 5 rooms that I can “room hop” between and get to each one in time to complete Round 3. With those 5 rooms I pick up about 20 flips per hour. Hope this helps those who want that badge but are overwhelmed thinking they have to play 1000 complete games of Boggle Bash to get it.

54 Linda March 20, 2010 at 11:37 am

I agree with Kathie #18..I love having my doggie with me all the time, and she is on my right side and I can’t have any goodies because of that. I wish we could move our pets from side to side also.

55 ellen520 March 20, 2010 at 11:53 am

(#24) Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gecko! It was nice meeting you in bowling this week and I know how much you appreciated the adorable gecko that Twisty sent to you. Hope your health will improve every day.

(#40) Twisty it was fun to see you again in bowling, too! You did such a special thing for Gecko with the birthday goodie, as you can see you made her day. Now go check your own incoming gifts!

Lura, glad to hear that baby boy is doing well and thanks so much for setting up the rooms each week so we can work on our badges together. What a wonderful way to spend time with other BH’ers…we get so busy chatting we don’t even have time to complain about the challenges!

56 Mare8491 March 20, 2010 at 12:23 pm

Can anyone help? I need to bowl 200 in order to complete my badge and no matter what I try I can’t get there. Is there some magical way to get more strikes. Right now their all by chance

57 MomsBassetHound March 20, 2010 at 12:28 pm

Mare8491 – Pogo mail me – MomsBassetHound – I will help you with the badge.


58 Serena March 20, 2010 at 12:55 pm

I got it to work better in jpeg, and the colours are as they should be.

My Minis

59 nana March 20, 2010 at 1:20 pm

why don’t they add more glasses too pick from?

60 Jan in Denver March 20, 2010 at 1:31 pm

First of all, Happy Birthday, Gecko!

I love the analogy of minis to paper dolls. That really fits. My sister and I would play with ours for hours – and we would organize them into their own little comparments – come on Pogo, we need to organize! I usually change my mini on Thursdays so I can take max advantage of the new stuff. I tend to choose something that goes with the seasons/holidays. If it is an in-between time I just go for something I like. Of course, Miles Kitty is always in the lower left so I don’t bother with left corner goodies. I only have a handful of gem mini items, but tons of token items. I’ve never gone to any of the Amazing Mini events and from some of the comments here, am not inclined to. I do, though, enjoy looking at other minis and feel no remorse at stealing some of the great ideas I see. :)

Also, a comment again this week about the Opinion Poll. How could 11% of the participants have gotten the bowling badge in less than 1 hour? In the fast rooms it takes about 15 minutes to complete 2 games. At a max of 11 strikes/spares per game the 8 games in 1 hour would only be 88 strikes/spares. Have I calculated wrong?

61 DebbieSLP March 20, 2010 at 1:34 pm

Great topic this week.

I have never spent any of my original gems, and don’t plan to for a while. It’s nice to get a break from Pogo and only do the daily games after the weekly challenges are done. When I start buying albums, I know I will spend way too much time on Pogo, and I kind of already do. :-o

I have lots of stuff for my mini, and change it with the seasons and for Christmas. My gray cat, Pywacket, is always by my side (IRL she’s a brindled Lilac Tortie – gray, fawn, and cream colored). In warm weather, I keep my golf clubs on the other side, and have my garden behind me. Pretty true to life. In winter my mini can often be seen in pink PJ’s and bunny slippers in the kitchen. Never knew about mini shows, and does not sound like something I’ll check out.

My mini’s face has the unibrow, because I like the eyes on that one the best. I have glasses on my mini, so you can’t see the unibrow anyway!

My DH set up his mini to look like a king, and has never changed it. (But his mini is decidedly NOT true to life — Court Jester would be a bit closer!)

Alchurch8 (#1) I’m looking forward to anyone’s suggestions for Euchre too. That and Dominoes. And Checkers. I just can’t seem to get lucky with those games.

Don (#7) I’d love to see bowling averages too! Then I could compare that to my real average. DH and I are avid bowlers and are in two leagues — we bowl about 12 games a week!

Pat (#38) Great spins on Word Search Daily! I play every day and always get either 50 or 55 it seems. It would be great if they are starting to increase those.

I3ear’s Mrs. (#40) Yes on Colorforms! Love them! I still use them in my work with young children and they are just as fun as when I was a kid.

Janice (#52) Thanks for the advice on Panic Flips!

62 Sandy March 20, 2010 at 1:35 pm

#51 Pat, it was cute hearing about your grandson liking Pogo. My 3-year old grandson likes Keno Pop. He cheers when he gets colored balls. Lura, soon you will be telling us about your little one playing on Pogo.

Have a good weekend!

63 MomsBassetHound March 20, 2010 at 1:44 pm

Jan in Denver #60 – You are correct. I think that some fill out the poll before they even do the badges. And some probably don’t pay attention to the actual time. I love pogo bowl and time flies when I’m in there. So even though it took me over an hour it didn’t feel like I was in there that long. It took me 12 games and I answered the poll honestly.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!


64 Cindy4764 March 20, 2010 at 3:08 pm

Hi gang,

I’ve managed to find some Badge Hounds this week while doing the badges and it’s been fun!

I go in spurts with the M&M badges and the minis but lately I’ve been spurting a little more than I should, LOL. I do buy only the M&Ms for games that I really like, I’m kinda picky that way. I never used to spend gems on minis but when I see something I really love, I have to have it. Some of the backgrounds are truly gorgeous and I simply couldn’t resist the ‘strapping colt’ and the ‘winter to spring’ premium minis. I enjoy changing for the seasons and holidays as well.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

65 gjb1443 March 20, 2010 at 3:11 pm

Jan #60 and MomBassetHound #63

I did the bowling badge in less than an hour. If you take 8 games multiply by 13 if you strike out in the 10th frame it is possible to get 104 strikes/spares. Also I bowled in game that was finishing up when i first came into room.

However, I do think that 11% is too high. I am a very good bowler and hardly ever bowl below 200. Have had several perfect games (4).

On topic, I dress my mini for all the holidays and seasons. Yes it is just like paper dolls.

Congratulations Lura on such a great site. Glad to hear the little one is doing well.

66 MomsBassetHound March 20, 2010 at 4:12 pm

I hate to disagree, but a perfect 300 game is 12 strikes….10 frames (10 strikes) plus 2 extra stikes in the 10th….maximum of 12 marks per game….minimum of 9 games to get 100 marks.


67 ratpeople_ March 20, 2010 at 4:20 pm

Thanks to Twisty who gifted me my very first album, I am now hooked on those Premium and M\M badges. I only use to do othe Weekly Challenges. But thanks to Twisty, I bought me a boat load of tokens and took advantage of the specials this last week! As for minis, I used to only use tokens, but I am starting to splurge and play around.

I do have a question for y’all: if you want to send a gift to someone, how do you know if they already own the mini item or badge? I have never done this, but would like to try it.

Love this group – thank you Lura for doing all you do! Love reading everyone’s posts – and being part of the Badge Hungry family. Have a good weekend all – I am from the Pacific NW and enjoying this unusually dry weather!

68 MomsBassetHound March 20, 2010 at 4:43 pm

If you try to gift something that someone already has, Pogo will not let the transaction go thru. You will see a message telling you that the person already has what you tried to gift to them.


69 Faith March 20, 2010 at 4:47 pm

ratpeople #67. I have tried to gift some people and pogo didn’t let me do it because the person already had it. Some have said this didn’t work, but has everytime for me

70 Pat March 20, 2010 at 5:19 pm

To Ratpeople #67, if you select gift, it asks you to select receipient, it will either go thru or it will tell you the person already had the item–then you can go back and select another item, wash, rinse, recycle. The only time i know this has resulted in a reissue has been when an itm had both a left and a right mirror twin…Hope this helps.

71 Margaret March 20, 2010 at 5:26 pm

I usually change my mini once a week. The gems I usually save for m&m and pba’s. Now if there is background or pet that catches my eye than I might fork over some gems for it (lol). But I usually go look at it a couple more times before I buy it.
Just want to say that there have been some great topics these last few weeks. I really liked the ones with the sign in names. I missed out on that one (sigh) oh well maybe next time.
Love the site Lura.

72 ellen520 March 20, 2010 at 5:34 pm

To ratpeople (#67)…if you try to gift someone a mini item or an M&M badge and they already have it, you will get a message saying something like “you cannot send this item because so-and-so already owns it.” Then you have to start all over, choosing a new item for your gift recipient. I think the gifting service is one of the better ideas POGO has come up with recently!

73 Pat March 20, 2010 at 5:49 pm

to Sandy, #62, a real fav of my 4 and 5-year-old granddaughters is poppit. They love that toys fall from the sky and the sound they make when they fall. They love the balloons and say, i got red ones, i got blue ones, I got a frog !!! They have a hard time finishing the puzzle, but are just starting to get wins. Try it some time, if ya havent. With my 7-yr-old granddaughter, it is mahjong safari and matching the animals, and with my 9-year old granddaughter, it is shuffle bump. So, plenty there to play and enjoy as long as they are monitored 100 %. Have fun and be safe in pogoland.

74 don March 20, 2010 at 5:49 pm

ratpeople #67…It has been my experience that whenever you attempt to gift
something that the giftee already has, pogo won’t let you. They will tell you to pick something else. Has happened to me serveral times.

75 gbpack March 20, 2010 at 5:54 pm

Interesting topic, but I guess I’m in the minority. I have never used any gems, & very few tokens, for any mini items. I have a lot of free items, & some game awarded items, but that’s all. I’m not a shopper, here or in real life, so my mini isn’t a priority for me. I also have never bought any premium badges or albums. I have over 1000 badges, & can only show 1 at a time, so why bother buying more. The yearly fee is enough to spend. If I want more badges, there are weeklys, & plenty of games that I’m not ranked out on, so I have enough to keep me busy. I have all but 5 weeklys, going back to 2003, & I doubt I’ll ever be able to get those, but oh well.
Remember to get a head start on WCS for next week…get up to your next city, so u only need 1 win to get your 1st city.
HAGWeekend, & happy shopping for those of you so inclined.

76 Rick March 20, 2010 at 6:23 pm

I see that Pogo is offering $10 off the yearly club membership. Unfortunately it’s for first timers only. Go to the promo page and you’ll find it. It’s running until 3/22/2010. Don’t know if there are any non-clubbers in here.

77 l3ear's Mrs. March 20, 2010 at 7:55 pm

#51 Pat and
#62 Sandy — isn’t it great seeing the world through a young one’s eyes all over again. We take so much for granted, ignore so much and never realize it until it is brought to our attention again through the eyes of a young one.

Lura, has he found his hand yet? Wait until he discovers there is one on the other side too. You and hubby have so much fun ahead of you with your little man. I would walk for hours when mine was small, baby food jar lunches at the parks, naps strolling on the way home. He always slept for hours in the fresh air. Even on rainy days, I would pick up a friend and those outings would be taken in my van. Two toddlers play nicely in the back of a minivan with the last seat taken out. Such fun us mom’s had watching them. Wish that fun would have never ended.

#55 Ellen — you sneaky girl, thank you so very much for the Easter Egg Forest Background. You shouldn’t have done that, and is so very much appreciated. Looking forward to using it soon.

Geckos – Got your e-mail and what you wrote in it was very touching. Thank you again and stay well.

#67 ratpeople_– okay you and Ellen have me blushing finally.

Looking forward to bumping into you all again this week in games.

#75 – gbpac – thanks for the reminder on world class Solitaire.

Oh yes an add-on from my earlier post …
I buy M&M’s according to if I like the icon or not. Then that has to grow on me… then the overall badge is next and that has to grow on me. Most times those darn badges win. Mind you I always have the same butterfly as my icon. But still have to like the M&M’s icons just in case I feel inclined to change it. (Like that ever happens)

I have to admit I enjoy finding someone who has been a club pogo member forever and I will go to their badges. I found someone that has over 22 M&M Albums. Now some of those older badges, I truly wish they would bring back at a Pogo BOGO sale.

As always: Have a great day/night everyone and stay safe. Enjoy the rest of your Weekend.

Enjoy your game playing.
twisty ~ *,* ~

78 gjb1443 March 20, 2010 at 8:30 pm

MomsBassetHound #66 you are right it is 12 however if you start before badges are up and finish the game as just as time starts you an get it and i did get it in 1 hour.

79 Wolfe March 20, 2010 at 10:14 pm

On a side note, is the March Madness badge and album sales over now? Pogo offered some great deals!


80 connie March 20, 2010 at 10:53 pm

I would like to know if anyone has information that might help me complete a challenge that was issued in November,2006 in Phlinx. You have to clear 250 groups of 5 or more in 2 hours. I have tried numerous times but have been unsuccessful in completing this challenge. I get close but time expires. This 1 challenge is stopping me from completing a mix n match album. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

81 don March 20, 2010 at 11:55 pm

connie #80 a couple of things…go to the page in ur album and click on the underlined blue badge name. u will get the activate challenge window. u can drag it to the side, or my system has a yellow light that moves it to a dock.
when you are about to finish your first round, retrieve and activate the badge.
u should save about 15 minutes. u might also try building your own groups of 5. also, I haven’t tried it, but one tip iv’e seen is to don’t play round 4 as u waste time with the spin and hoopla. I am in a similiar situation where I need to drop 250 in 10 minutes. Still trying, getting close. Good luck, u should be able to get it..if u do, please message me at donham123.

82 connie March 21, 2010 at 12:13 am

Don, thanks for your advice. I will give it a try and thanks again. If I am successful I will certainly let you know. Thanks again and good luck on your challenge.

83 nessa March 21, 2010 at 1:51 am

Love to buy mini stuff, I buy almost every token item (I dont buy those I dont like not even if it’s just tokens, I even regret I bought some that makes my closet look yuk ! lol) and I do buy items with gems too, but those I go slow with and I usually pick between two or three I like otherwise Id be spending a lot more gems. My minis are serious for the most and I would like to try for the Amazing Minis at least once just …to see…lol but I’m usually on during the night so it’s hard for me to be there when they take place.
Pleaaaseeee someone tell me when this march mayhem is going to finish (desperate cry lololol), so far I bought 42 badges, 4 premium albums and 4 backgrounds for my mini !!!! But…50% off is a lot (and I haven’t seen such a big discount before) and I just couldn’t resist and I saved tons of gems so I was just kidding, I don’t want it to finish !! lol

84 nessa March 21, 2010 at 1:54 am

Oh forgot to say….wish Pogo could sell days of at least 36 hours so i could get enough time a day to finish all those badges I bought lol.

85 Sheljin March 21, 2010 at 4:11 am

Happy weekend everyone. Spent most of the week in the 60s, close to 70! I guess that was to make up for the monsoon we had last weekend. Of course, thank goodness it was fairly warm then, too, or we would have had our 3rd blizzard in 5 weeks!

Great topic – thanks Suz & Lura. Thanks to all who have posted so far – you guys always make me smile and/or crack up!

Before I forget – ~*~*~happy~*~*~ ~*~*happy~*~*~ birthday Gecko! Hope you feel much better soon, too. And welcome back sweetlove. ). I didn’t know there was a debate anywhere, & not trying to start one, but I definitely am one who thinks they need more token-only items in the mall than what they are putting out now.

I agree with everyone who said they wish we could put our goodie items on whichever side we wanted – it is a pain the way it is now.

I have alot of things, but rarely have time to really look thru it all to find things to put on. I have some faves (or vaguely remember something), and I try to change it up fairly often. I always change for the holidays & special events, friend’s birthdays, etc. I sometimes try to reflect the weather. Other times I just go for Pogo whimsical. Mostly upbeat, funny minis, tho I do get serious sometimes. I don’t change up my expression that much, tho I do have another set of eyes I use sometimes. lol I use the “neutral” expression because with the face I picked, I like the smile I get. lol

I do wish we could change hair color on some of the special hair-dos, wish I could wear boys clothes, definitely agree with Eric #52 that we need more just regular clothes – I especially think we need more bottom half items on the women’s side. Did I mention boys clothes?? lol Some of the guys’ choices are very kewl. I wish there was an easier way to sort & go thru the items. (As a side note, I wish the same for badges icons – so often I would like to find one that matches my outfit or theme, but I have no time to just sit and scroll thru ALL my badges.)

I did do a mini event once – I think for Halloween, but it was a long time ago. I don’t think Pogo even had a way of notifying you if you won then (if they do now??). I rarely even check the hot shots out – I just forget they are there. My experience was the same as everyone here has mentioned – a bunch of kiss ups, following the Pogo_ peeps room to room to room. I can’t imagine planning to go to another.

More tomorrow………and still need to do my badges, so hope to see some other late-badge BHers around!


86 alchurch8 March 21, 2010 at 4:37 am

I tend to buy mini stuff during the holidays. Using some of the gems and a few tokens since what else are the tokens good for. Thank you for the tip on getting world class badge. Happy Birthday Gecko

87 butterfliesRfree March 21, 2010 at 6:05 am

It is spring and I woke up to snow this morning here in Texas!

I don’t know why, but I used to hang on to my tokens. Now, I buy most everything in the mini mall with tokens – even if I don’t know if I will ever use it. I have used gems in the past, but rarely do that now. Since I recently adopted a dog, I love the pet section in the mall. I do enjoy dressing and changing my mini often. I have particpated in the Amazing Mini, but probably won’t ever again. – I thought it would be fun, but found out it was all about kissing up to the judges.

I just want to add that even though I don’t post very often, I love this site. I always check in to find the latest news and read the posts.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

88 Hels March 21, 2010 at 8:55 am

I buy a lot of badges, but I never use gems for the minis, though I do use tokens for the mini items – that’s the only thing they are good for anyway, and I have a few million to spend. It’s not like I am going to win a drawing…

89 vibirdlady March 21, 2010 at 10:06 am

Serena,#58, how did you do such an excellent job of getting pix of your mini’s?? I’ve tried but no luck. Not very computer savy at all and would love to print mine. Wish they would let us have more pages to show our mini’s. I change mine w/ the seasons/holidays and for my birthday. I received a birthday cake from “iwoz10″ who also helped me w/ subway last year. (THANKs AGAIN) I have made friends in pogoland from all over. Met some BH’s in games and enjoyed chatting w/ them while finishing badges. Dgt.,skunkyratt, has about everything in the minimall! She loves to shop and dress her mini. Since husband layed off this is a great way to shop and not break the bank. Thanks to all for the help getting badges and THANK YOU, Lura for this site!!!

90 Manthasmommie March 21, 2010 at 10:49 am

I change my mini about once a month or for every holiday. No matter what I am in, my piggies are always running around my feet! I find it amusing that my darling hubby gets on and always changes my mini into some skimpy outfit he finds in the store – things I would never wear!!

91 Kaley March 21, 2010 at 11:25 am

I have a question. Does anyone know for the M&M Drawbridge Badge on Payday Free Cell if you have to win the game after getting 50 bonus pts on the bonus cards, or just get the pts and hit new game?? Thanks Kaley

92 sog March 21, 2010 at 11:33 am

Hi e1,
For those who dont know, many of the costumes and some of the outfits and backrounds are multiple pieces – even tho they dont say so.
Even when you try them on there is no indication of multiple pieces.
For example, “Hippy Dippy” is 5 pieces.

laura #5 – Did you get back in? Did you just forget your password?
You said “i have a qustion i cant get in to my account any1 know why ,it says my password wrong how can this be pogo said to download firefox i did and im still having the promblem it let me buy the gems now i cant get in any1 help”
Did you get the gems at pogo.com or some other site? I wonder if you might have answered one of those ads that we see in game room chat windows. Pogo says these are scams. If this is what you did, then your account is probably compromised, stolen. You will probably have to start a new account on pogo. (Also, if it were me and I used a credit card to purchase either the account or the gems, I would report my card stolen immediately.)

I started playing pogo in Sep ’09, and joined Club Pogo on Dec 24 when they offered $25 first year for new members. Am now collecting Coke reward points for renewal. I dont look at PBAs bc i dont buy gems. Didn’t expect to be interested in minis at all, but turns out I enjoy them a lot. And some1 gifts me mini gem items, which is cool, I’m really lucky about that.

Also, remember that if you give your password to anyone, you put (at least) your account at risk.

93 Dave March 21, 2010 at 11:54 am

I just want to thank you Lura for posting the trivial/crossword answers everyday! I use this site everyday for both games and almost always get perfect scores on both games. Keep up the great work! Have a good week ev1! Dave From Illinois

94 Chelle March 21, 2010 at 12:19 pm

Kaley (#91), I’m not sure for that particular badge, but I do know that for every badge I have with bonus point requirements (there are many of them), you have to win the game in order to get the credit.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who offered to help me out if I have any trouble with the many PBA badges I ended up with this weekend. I truly appreciate it. I tried not to get any that I thought would be too difficult, but you may still be hearing from me!

And also to Gecko: Happy birthday! I hope you are feeling better very soon. :]

95 Joe March 21, 2010 at 1:45 pm

2 things:

#1. Does anyone have the correct info on passing double wilds in Everyone Wins Bingo? What exactly is it? Do you actually pass two pinecones every time you call a bingo with a pinecone on the button? Or do you just get credit for double in your stats? Do you have to be completely ranked out in Luau and Fortune to do it?

#2. Is anyone interested in working on Ranks in No Limit Texas Hold ‘em? If we can get four people together, we can rank fairly quickly in the high stakes, all in, rated game, etc. I’ve been checking occasionally in the right rooms, but everyone is just there to actually play poker . Imagine that… lol

96 Kim March 21, 2010 at 1:59 pm

I don’t spend much, tokies or gems, in the mini-mall, but will occasionally get something if I really, really like it like the Chinese dragon dance background this week. It will be a pleasant reminder of the three months I spent working in San Francisco a few years ago and staying right on the edge of Chinatown. After watching the Chinese New Years parade downtown, I walked back up to my hotel and saw it again from my window.

My mini should have a sad face this week. I didn’t discover the sales until Tuesday, so missed the card games on Monday and they are my favorite.

To the person who asked about Euchre, I don’t play it often, but remember that I always tried to keep the worst hand possible.

Friday was a record breaking 66 in northern VT. Drove around with the windows down and seasonal allergies kicked in on Sat. Today it is snowing. As they say, if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.

97 Cyrabi March 21, 2010 at 3:13 pm

Happy Sunday Everyone! I do change my mini sometimes. Reuse stuff.
Those March Mayhem deals were really cool, Pogo should do them again.
I do dress my mini for Halloween and Christmas, maybe Easter.

98 Sheljin March 21, 2010 at 4:00 pm

Kevin #2 – Very sorry to hear you didn’t get to do the Beta testing this time. Hope you get to sometime in the future!

Rick #4 – I almost always get into a full room with the invite, but once or twice I didn’t. I assume sometimes they are just too full as others have said.

Lura #47 – I had no idea that Pogo considers the backdoors a TOS. Sheesh. I haven’t used them much recently – but there was a time I always used the backdoor. I could play with two different names that way without using a different browser. I used it when I would play in tournaments. A lot of sitting around & waiting, so I would play some other game with my other name while I waited. FWIW, it never did a thing to my computer. But as you always say – peeps should be careful & read up & judge for themselves.

Lura, ty also for posting all the March Madness. It was good to hear I’m not alone about missing a Limited edition and it kind of took the wind out of my sails. Perhaps missing that one was a blessing in disguise. Now I’m back to just purchasing MnMs I really love – and only on sale, or if they are about to retire. I have no clue what I did with myself on Friday, though – completely missed the puzzle sale, dangnabbit! lol

Chelle #9 – Congrats on all the albums & YES! You should enjoy yourself! I bought a few too (tee hee). It actually IS funny because I so rarely actually finish one. Perhaps that should have been my New Year’s resolution. lol (So, yes, Rick #16 – you can start them and finish them anytime you want. lol) Chelle wrote: “I like to put her in stupid costumes and make her look sad about the whole thing.” OMG, I nearly choked on my drink – TOO FUNNY! We will have to start a campaign to free your poor mini from your meanness!! lol lol

I also cracked up on Manthasmommie #90 and your sneaky hubby. lol
Good for him. lol lol

Frank #29 – I loved reading that you like to dress up to amuse others – good for you! I love seeing clever, funny, silly minis – nothing makes me sadder than reading a “Ooops” message on a blocked mini. I wish people would just delete the personal info and open their minis up for all to see……it’s part of the fun of Pogo I think. (And if anyone didn’t know about blocking your mini, you might want to check it out. I have run into many people who had no clue they had mistakenly blocked their mini somehow.)

To the various posts about WSD: I really let that one back up, then go in to play for awhile. I have gotten some big tokie spins – 1,000 is the biggest I think! But I still get a lot of little ones too. I wonder sometimes, if they send me some big ones trying to entice me to play more often. lol lol But if people complained and Pogo listened??? Then thank you!

maxit #50 – ty for posting that the code was still working on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, it wasn’t by the time I logged on much later in the day. But I still appreciate you giving everyone a head’s up!

Janice #53 – Great Panic Flip tip for BB – thank you too! gbpack #75 – thx for WCS heads up also, Dave!

Thanks to all sharing their playing with kids/grandkids on Pogo stories – I love hearing them so much. What a lot of joy you are receiving. But when these little guys and gals grow up, they will have very very special memories of their times with their grans – good for you all. Lura, very happy to hear how well you are all doing with your little guy – enjoy those walks!!

I remember walking with my little niece one beautiful sunny day. Far off, I heard a siren start up and thought “oh no!” Sure enough, it came closer & closer. Being a new aunt, I was a little scared about what I would do if the baby woke up scared and screaming. lol Well, that police car flew right by us and my niece never even blinked!! Wouldn’t you love to be able to sleep that way now?? lol lol

Serena #58 – great pics! Thanks for sharing them.

Nana #59 – I would LOVE more glasses to choose from too in the mini mall! And off topic a bit, I wish Pogo would already add some new emoticons for our chat – I don’t think they have added a thing since the very beginning.

Twisty (13Bear’s Mrs.)- ty for being you! I love your posts and I love how you share yourself with us all.

Have a great week everyone!


99 Sheljin March 21, 2010 at 4:09 pm

Joe #95 – I might be interested. I don’t really know how the “all-in” works, though. I mean, I don’t mind working for ranks, but I don’t really want to lose millions of tokies!! lol lol I have always liked poker as a fun card game, but I’m certainly not good at it. So I rarely play in pogo, so I don’t (1) look ridiculous or (2) lose all my tokies! lol

And while someone is answering your questions about double-wilds, maybe someone can answer mine about EWB: I have heard people mention a few times about people being mad about something in the room – with passing, or blackouts, etc. I was just wondering what the story is – is there some way to keep the game going by NOT passing? What do peeps get mad at? lol


100 MomsBassetHound March 21, 2010 at 4:16 pm

For Joe #95 – You need to be rank 50 in Bingo Luau and EWB in order to get the double wild pine cones. Fortune Bingo has nothing to do with the double wilds in EWB.

When you are rank 50 in EWB and BL you get “random” double wilds. You may only get them once or twice an hour, and only 2 doubles in any game.

When you make a bingo on a line with a double you actually pass 2 wilds, 1 to 2 different players. You get credit for passing 2 wilds for that bingo.

I hope I have answered all your questions.


101 ellen520 March 21, 2010 at 4:50 pm

For Joe (#95)…While not a great poker player, I am always interested in ranking up quickly (both the Bloop method posted here a while back and the Poppitt glitch are two of my favorites!)
So if you do in fact get a group together, let me know, and I’m in :)
(My pogo-mail address is ellen520)

102 Sandi March 21, 2010 at 4:51 pm

I have tried to use your suggestions for Hangman Hyjinks but none of the words in the category worked. Is there something else I need to KNOW?? I am very new to this SITE and it is awesome; a vdf told me about it and OOH my it sure makes it easier for me because I help alot of ppl get their badges for one reason or another so NOW I can do them much faster. All the info is so helpful. Lots of the tips I will admit I already use but makes it I don’t have any new ones YET anyhow. LOL I didn’t read what was offered for bowling on here but I had a nice warm fuzzy I could give to someone this week. He just wasn’t able to get the Strikes and so I asked if he knew about holding down the Rgt and Lft mouse buttons..he said NO. So I explained never aim for the center pin and just before ball hits the pins to hold down those mouse buttons. HE was sooo excited was getting Strikes and spare after that and made me feel soo good to help him. so Laura you must get all kinds of warm fuzzies cuz you help so many by having this site IKNOW it must be alot of work…. So another THANK YOU ..

103 Chelle March 21, 2010 at 5:12 pm

Joe (95), yo! I’m in if you’re still looking! I’ve never played that particular game, but I know poker basics (like what’s a winning hand and what’s not!) so if you wouldn’t mind just telling me what to do otherwise, I’m all for it. My screen name on Pogo is TTFBagel.

104 Kat F. March 21, 2010 at 5:14 pm




Here’s a little angel for your shoulder…….. ^ !! ^
(Hope that shows up right, lol)

This little angel will help you to feel much better soon. I’m sure I can speak for everyone here and hope for your quick recovery back to good health!

What a great story you posted about receiving the gift of a Gecko!! Very kind and so touching. Yep, think about that when others are eating YOUR cake! :)

Having health problems myself and like you–do NOT want to talk about them….I’m really glad you shared this with us. Makes me feel not so alone out here. Hope you understand what I mean. <3

Take care Gecko, and everyone else too…be safe always.

(((Hugs to ALL))), Kat F.

105 Joe March 21, 2010 at 5:24 pm

Thank you for your great info on EWB, Momsbassethound!

Ellen520 and Sheljin, I’ve added you to my friend’s list. If anyone else is interested in getting the rank badges in No Limit Texas Hold ‘em, my Pogo mail name is Rudd36. You may lose some tokens, or you may win some. If you go through a terrible string of luck, you might lose 50,000 or so, but generally, you should remain around even.

106 Deb March 21, 2010 at 6:07 pm

Ok i have been reading all the entries for this weeks thread…come to site often but never thought of responding to any comments on here.
I just want to say that the minis are great fun…I usually buy all token items(unless they are really ghastly) lol…and gem items as well if I really like something and i usually do…lol I have also won a few mini contests…and in defense of them, I would like to say that they are a great way for peeps to show their creativity…we all see the ones Pogo posts…but when you are in a” mini room” the talent and creativity is amazing!…they are just fun…and most people are very friendly, and yes some folks clammer for attention…but I give pogo judges credit for picking , what i think are ,very creative and imaginative minis…lastly the old saying don’t judge a book by it’s cover holds true here….check it out before making judgement…..but then again…if ya’ll start gussying up your minis and come to events I may never win a contest again…too much good competition I am sure would be the result….ty all for all the great posts here….this is a very friendly place….and Lura…GB you and yours.

107 l3ear's Mrs. March 21, 2010 at 6:32 pm

Joe #95—does sound interesting. I’m not very good at the game, need to have my memory refreshed on it. Just what do they mean by “all in” Mostly like Sheljin #99 said “don’t want to lose all my tokens”, or many for that fact. Pogo message me – twisty4him Put BH in Subject area. Will see what we can work out.

108 l3ear's Mrs. March 21, 2010 at 6:41 pm

Oopsie, sorry I prematurely Submitted last post—
That is a small “L” not a 1(one) in l3ear. Thank you LURA for the addition to my post and
also thanks Laura if there is one on this site. I’m sure she probably rocks too . ~ wink, wink~

Enjoy your game playing.
twisty ~ *,* ~

109 Shelly March 21, 2010 at 7:36 pm

Sheljin # 99.
People in EWB get mad if anyone gets a blackout in a passing room. BO in a normal room and people don’t care.
Some mistakenly believe that a bo causes the timer to start which is absolutely not true.
Mostly they get cross because getting a bo usually means you have to use wilds to mark bingos that don’t pass wilds.
For instance, I might pass all my wilds on a card and be left with 5 empty numbers/spaces. I then notice I have 5 wilds in my pond. I might then ignore all my other wilds I can pass and get a bo, thus using those 5 wilds in my pond to bo when I could have used them to pass more wilds.
Having said that I have been in the situation where at the end of the balls being called I have 1 empty space and marking it will pass 2 wilds (because lines cross each other) and also get a bo.
If I am in a good mood and to save other players blood pressure I will tell the room something like ”I have 1 empty space to mark and marking it will get a bo but also pass 2 wilds so I am going to do it”
If the passing police are being particularly vile though I won’t say a word and just let them get their knickers in a knot.

110 Lura March 21, 2010 at 7:45 pm

Thanks to everyone who participated in this weekend open thread. I’m closing this one out, so be sure to come back for another discussion next weekend. Hope you all have a great week!

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