Pogo Mini item: Rainy Day BassetPogo has added some weather-related items to the Mini Mall today. 11 of the items are new whether you’re viewing the Mall in Men’s or Women’s, and women get an additional sunburning Mini, a re-release (or re-color?) which currently is marked as “TEST-PSHA-02102015″, which will probably be renamed when Pogo catches the error.

The new items released today will go back into the vault Friday, April 3rd. The older items re-released today will go back into the vault on Sunday, April 5th.

This release includes the Gemstone Fairy Collectible of the Month for March 2015: “Diamond Showers (2 pcs)”. This 22-Gem limited edition item comes with Missy the Diamond Fairy and the “Daffodil Meadows” background.

What do you think of this release? Share your thoughts in a comment below.


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Triple Bonus Tokens Thursday at Pogo.comToday is Triple Bonus Tokens Thursday. Get 3,000 free tokens for playing each of the three featured games. Play all three for a total of 9,000 tokens!

Today’s games are:

First Class Solitaire
Monopoly: The World Edition

If you receive these free Thursday tokens before 5pm PST, try again after: you might just receive them twice.

We’ll remind you again on the next Triple Bonus Tokens day. In the meantime, check out our Free Tokens page for more of these great Pogo-sponsored free token offers!

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Big City Adventure - Shanghai Episode Badge Big City Adventure - Shanghai Episode Badge
Big City Adventure Shanghai Day 9 – Traditions
Cost: 20 Gems Club Pogo / 30 Gems Pogo.com

Please share your tips and hints for this episode in a comment below. Thanks!

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Upcoming Pogo Games app Badge
Sweet Tooth – Sugar Rush Badge
Make 15 4-matches

Please leave a comment below to share your tips and insight for earning this badge. Thanks in advance!

iOS users: it’s recommended you install the version 1.2.5 update available from the App Store for the app to work properly.

Pogo Games App weekly challenges are available for Android devices, Kindle Fire, and iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad). Only badges earned on an iOS device will be awarded to your Pogo.com account. Past Pogo Games App challenges are archived here but for now there is no way to make up missed challenges, check out the Pogo Games app information page for more information and sneak peeks of upcoming badges.


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Pogo Weekly Challenge Badge Pogo Weekly Challenge Badge
Crazy Cakes – Gluten Gluttons Badge
Serve 500 desserts this week!

Pogo Weekly Challenge Badge Pogo Weekly Challenge Badge
Sherlock Holmes – Follow the Money Badge
Win 6000 tokens this week!

Pogo Weekly Challenge Badge Pogo Weekly Challenge Badge
Jungle Gin – Gin Yummy Badge
Go Gin 14 times this week!

Badge Strategies
You can find strategies, tips, and hints for these badges in the most recent Sunday Night Strategies.

Play with Friends
If you’d like to meet up to earn these badges, leave a comment below with the name of the room you’re playing in. Wear a badge that looks like a “B” to identify yourself and don’t forget to say hi!

Use the comments here to share more tips for earning these badges. Good luck with your badges this week!


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The 2015 St. Patricks Limited Edition Badge in Vaults of Atlantis Slots is available now through March 17th in Badge Central for 30 Gems.

2015 St. Patrick's Day Limited Edition Badge
Vaults of Atlantis Slots – 2015 St. Patricks Limited Edition Badge
Pick the top prize in the Treasure Chest Bonus Game 4 times in 2 weeks!

Please use the comments to discuss and share your tips for earning this badge. Your fellow BadgeHungry readers thank you!


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Claire Hart - Case 42, Part 1 - Seacliff - The Seal Rock Badge Claire Hart - Case 42, Part 1 - Seacliff - The Seal Rock Badge
Claire Hart – Case 42, Part 1 – Seacliff – The Seal Rock Badge
20 Gems Club Pogo / 30 Gems Pogo.com

Share your thoughts, hints, and tips for this episode in a comment below. Thanks!


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Play Zuma Slots at PogoPogo has released Zuma Slots. To play it, use the link here or add it to your favorites. The betting — and winning — in this game revolves around Coins, not Pogo tokens.

When you start the game for the very first time, you will get 15,000 Coins (non-Club Pogo players get 12,000), and every 4 hours you can refill your bucket with more Coins by loading the game and clicking on the bucket to refill it. The number of coins you receive is based on how much you played after your last refill. You want to play enough to get your Coin Bucket down to empty — check this by clicking on the bucket in-game. The pop-up will tell you if your bucket is high, low, empty, etc. When it’s empty, you know you will get the full amount of refill coins in 4 hours.

Here are a few more things to note:

  • You can stake anywhere from 200 to 3,000 Coins per spin, but the number of lines you play is always the same.
  • There is no volume control.
  • There are no Pogo tokens in this game.
  • Club Pogo members can play the game in full-screen by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the game.
  • If you run out of Coins and want to purchase more, you can do so by clicking your Coins bucket. There are three Coin Packages to choose from: 10,000 coins for 6 Gems, 44,000 coins for 18 Gems, and 150,000 coins for 56 Gems (these are Club Pogo prices, non-Club players pay 8, 22, and 67 respectively).
  • There’s a bonus game that has the potential to earn lots of Coins — start it by spinning up three frogs on the reels.
  • You can auto-play the reels for 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 spins. You can’t just walk away because if you enter the bonus round, the game will need your input. As the game is auto-spinning, you can stop it by clicking the “Stop Auto-Play” button above the number of auto-spins left.
  • Tip: to speed up the calculations at the end of a winning spin during auto-play, just click the Spin button again.
  • When you go to leave the game, a warning pops up saying “data you have entered may not be saved”. You can ignore it — so far no one has reported leaving the game and coming back to any less coins than they had when they left.
  • Tip: set a timer for four hours as soon as you collect either your starter amount or the replenishment Coins. When that timer goes off, that’s the earliest you can collect more free Coins.
  • If you click on the game window, you can use your spacebar to spin the reels.

But wait, there’s more!

The Challenges tab for this game is currently giving an error, but Badge Central shows 5 rank badges. Note: there is nowhere in the game to see your rank progress; it’s only shown in a pop-up window when you earn a new rank. It’s not yet clear what needs to be done to earn these badges. See the comments for more information. If you earn rank progress in this game, please let us know in a comment below.

From the Pogo forums, regarding rank progress:

“You earn Rank Points by matching 2 or more of the Zuma symbols on the same line as a winning combo. Each winning combo will earn you 1 Rank Point. You should reach Rank 1, when you have done this 3 times.”

More details on the 50 ranks and their requirements, plus the 5 rank badges you can earn are on the Zuma Slots Ranks & Badges page.

Go play Zuma Slots then come back and share your thoughts on this game in a comment below. Do you have any tips you can share? What do you think of the bonus game?


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Undiscovered World: The Minotaur's Maze Undiscovered World: The Minotaur's Maze
Undiscovered World The Minotaur’s Maze – Chapter 5 – Learned Help
20 Gems Club Pogo / 30 Gems Pogo.com

Please share your thoughts on and tips for this episode in a comment below. Thanks!


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St. Patrick's Day 2015 Event at PogoPogo is planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Luck starting on Wednesday, March 11th. Some of the planned events in this “Find Your Pogo Luck” promotion are:

St. Patrick’s Day Club Pogo Friday Amazing Mini – Regular Event
Site-Wide Challenge
St. Patrick’s Day Limited Edition Badge (released March 4th, prior to this promo)
Free Pogo tokens
Sale on select Premium Badge Albums (coming March 15th)
Hidden Object Game sales*
St. Patrick’s theme in Vaults of Atlantis
and “A special treat for Badge Hounds!”

This will be a promotion that adds something new each day so stay tuned next week!

*The way Pogo has worded the HOG sale, it isn’t clear whether the sale will be on episodes of Pogo’s hidden object games or sales on downloadable hidden object games. Hopefully the former, but we won’t know for sure until the sale begins.

What Premium Badge Album(s) would you like to see go on sale during this promo? What do you think the “special treat” will be? Leave a comment below.


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