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Weekend Open Thread

August 28, 2015 · 26 comments

Pogo Mini: Sell all the things!Happy Weekend Everyone!

I just love this weekend’s suggestion, which came from mrslavallie. She share this story: “Had an idea while playing Zuma’s Revenge today – specifically, level 5 – accidentally clicked on another ‘lily pad’ on the screen to find out you can MOVE the frog to the other side of the board – wow, those fruit bonuses sure just got easier!” That was an ah-ha moment for sure, and I think this weekend might bring some more for us!

What little Pogo secret were you late in finding out, or wish you had figured out sooner?

Every week more and more Pogo fans are coming to BadgeHungry for their Pogo news and information! Welcome! For those of you who are new here: the weekend open thread is a weekly feature here every Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. I almost always ask a question, so even if you’re shy about joining in you’ll have something to talk about. But don’t let that stop you from discussing anything Pogo-related that’s on your mind. The Weekend Open Thread is Open!

See you in the comments!


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Weekly Pogo PlayoffsThe Weekly Pogo Playoffs have begun. Between now and Sunday evening at 7pm PST, play Poppit! and earn over 1,016 points to be entered. After the playoffs are over, three winners will be selected randomly. One will win 100,000 Pogo tokens, the second winner will win 50,000 tokens, and the third winner will get 25,000 tokens. Winners of this round will be posted to the Pogo News later in the week.

The winners of last week’s Pogo Playoffs have been announced! Congratulations to eskimocat41, Ztarznmeyyez, and august1061!

Are you in? Can you share any tips for earning a chance to win in these playoffs? Let us know in a comment below.


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Chuzzle Slots - Ready for RefillPogo Parlor Slots games (Zuma Slots, Bejeweled 2 Slots, Chuzzle Slots, and Peggle Slots) all share the same virtual currency: Coins. Once you understand how the Coin bucket system works, you can work to build up a stash of Coins that you can use for ranking up, badges and challenges, and just playing as much as you want whenever you want.

The general overview is that you will refill your Coins when the refill is available and then spin the reels to wager just enough Coins to make your Coin bucket eligible for the next refill, then quit. This will slowly build a stash of Coins because you will never be wagering anything but the Coins you received from a refill, and any Coins you win over and above your wager will add to your stash.

1. Take stock

The first thing you’ll want to do is take stock of your rank in each game. Whichever game has the highest rank is the game you’ll want to use to refill your Coin bucket so you ensure you get the most Coins to work with. We’ll call this your “refill game”.

Since the game doesn’t have anywhere to show you your current rank, you’ll have to look at your badges to find out if you’ve reached rank 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50. Use the chart below to determine how many free Coins you are getting in your refill game. If you haven’t reached rank 10 in any of the games, your refill amount is 5,000 Coins.

Refill Amounts
Rank 0 to 9 – 5,000 Coins
Rank 10 to 19 – 6,000 Coins
Rank 20 to 29 – 7,000 Coins
Rank 30 to 39 – 8,000 Coins
Rank 40 to 49 – 9,000 Coins
Rank 50 – 10,000 Coins

2. Refill

Open your refill game and click the “Refill bucket” button. Note: don’t refill unless the graphic shows an empty Coin bucket and the text “Your Coin bucket is empty, but your free refill is ready.”

Your Coin Bucket is empty, but your free refill is ready.

If your bucket is low or high, close the pop-up and spin a few times. You can return to the pop-up and check if it’s empty yet by clicking the bucket in the lower left corner of the game.

Once you’ve refilled, you can either continue in your refill game or switch to a game with a better payout. Whichever game it is for you, we’ll call this your “spinning game”.

3. Spin, but not too much

This is where you build your stash. In your “spinning game”, spin the reels enough times to spend the Coins you were given at refill time so that you will receive the full amount of Coins at the next refill time (4 hours later). For example, if your refill was 5,000 Coins, you’ll need to spin 25 times with a 200 wager.

Some players like to up the wager and spin less times to spend their Coins, but others argue the more times you spin the better your chance for winning, even though the payout could potentially be less. If you’re pressed for time and need to spend 5,000 Coins quickly, bumping the wager up to 2,500 and spinning twice is your fastest option.

This is an empty Coin BucketTo check at any time if you’ve spent all of your refill Coins or not, click the Coin bucket in the lower left corner of the game. If the Coin bucket in the pop-up window has Coins inside it, you need to spin more. It should look empty, like the one shown to the right here.

After you complete your spins, you have now spent all of your refill Coins, but you will keep your winnings. It’s those winnings that add to your stash.

Repeat this process every 4 hours or just here and there throughout your Pogo play time and over time you’ll build up a stash to use.

Some Tips

A quick tip to help you remember to refill: set your browser’s home page to your refill game. That way, every time you open your browser the game will load and you can refill your bucket and spin to spend the refill Coins.

A tip for choosing your spinning game: you may want to spin in the Parlor slots game you’re working on ranks or badges in, but since you’re trying to build up a stash of Coins, you will want to choose the game with the best payout. Some players cite Bejeweled 2 Slots as having the best payouts and others say it’s Chuzzle Slots.

Which Pogo Parlor slots game do you think pays out the best? Share your experiences in a comment below.


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Share these tips with your Pogo friends in chat:

Pogo Games: Not LoadingNothing is more frustrating than getting a badge activated, a cup of hot coffee on my desk, and settling in to play a marathon session at Pogo when *thud*, a game won’t load. Here are three quick things you can try to see if you can get Pogo games loading again, and a resource at the bottom if these things don’t work for you. You don’t have to try these things in any particular order, but I do recommend trying to load the game again after each step just so you know what particular step worked.

Also, if you do something different when a game doesn’t load, share it in a comment below. Your fellow Pogo fans would appreciate it!

Click shift-refresh

If you’ve clicked the “Start Game” button or chosen a room and nothing happens, try holding down your shift key while you refresh (reload) the page. Look for the reload/refresh icon on or near your browser’s address bar that looks like this: Refresh (or Reload) icon This will force your browser to ignore its cache and use the version of the page from Pogo’s web server.

Clear your browser & tech caches

First, clear your browser’s cache and restart your browser by closing it completely and relaunching it from the menu or icon.

Then, you need to determine if it’s a Java game or a Flash game. You can find a list at BadgeHungry’s Ranks & Badges page. Then, clear the related cache:

Try a different browser

The three most popular browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer, and there are also lots of alternative browsers that can be found by searching the web.

Note: Google Chrome will not play Java games without a workaround (and the workaround may disappear in future versions of the browser). Microsoft Edge, the browser that comes with Windows 10, will not play Java games at all.

What next?

If you’ve tried these simple things and your game still won’t load, you may need to perform some more in-depth tasks like updating your version of Flash or Java. Depending upon the type of game you’re trying to load (Flash or Java, see details under “Clear your browser & tech caches” above), you can take a look at Pogo help’s Flash guide and Java guide to get started.

What do you do when a Pogo game won’t load for you? Help out your fellow Pogo fans and share your step-by-step in a comment below. Thanks in advance!

Share these tips with your Pogo friends in chat:


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Install Monopoly Slots and get 10,000 free tokensPogo is giving away 10,000 tokens for players who install the Monopoly Slots app through the link on their promo page (more info here). If you don’t have an iOS or Android device, you can use this link to collect your tokens. This offer expires on September 20th, 2015 at 11:59PM Eastern.

As usual, these free tokens (and many more) have been posted to BadgeHungry’s free tokens page as well.


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Triple Bonus Tokens Thursday at Pogo.comToday is Triple Bonus Tokens Thursday. As part of Pogo’s Sweet 16 celebrations, get 16,000 free tokens for playing each of the three featured games. Play all three for a total of 48,000 tokens!

Today’s games are:

Word Whomp
Slingo Ricochet
Plants vs. Zombies

If you receive these free Thursday tokens before 5pm PST, try again after: you might just receive them twice.

We’ll remind you again on the next Triple Bonus Tokens day. In the meantime, check out our Free Tokens page for more of these great Pogo-sponsored free token offers!


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Big City Adventure - Moscow Episode Badge Big City Adventure - Moscow Episode Badge
Big City Adventure Moscow Day 8 – Stalin’s Rule
Cost: 20 Gems Club Pogo / 30 Gems

Please share your tips and hints for this episode in a comment below. Thanks!

{ 1 comment }

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Mahjong Escape (thumbnail)Here’s a peek at the badges for the next upcoming expansion of Mahjong Escape: Sydney. This expansion and these badges will be available on October 1st.

As with previous expansion levels, when Sydney is released, it will probably require players to have completed all of the previous Rome (coming 9/1) and maybe New York puzzles before it’s unlocked.

Take a look at the 12 new badges to be earned in Mahjong Escape Sydney, and then share your thoughts on them in a comment below.

View the new badges


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Hey Club Pogo members! As part of Pogo’s Sweet 16 celebrations, The Pogo 16 Year Special Edition Badge has landed in our accounts. To see yours, visit the last page of your Special Edition badge book.

16 Year Anniversary Badge 16 Year Anniversary Badge
Pogo 16 Year Anniversary Badge


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The free goodie, “Sweet Celebration Cake” is now available in the Mini Mall. This item commemorates Pogo’s 16th anniversary. To get the item, visit the Mini Mall, click on New Releases, and sort by Release. Add it to your cart and check out and it’s all yours for free.

Sweet Celebration Cake - free Pogo Mini Item

This item will be available only until Wednesday, September 2, 2015.


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